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United States History: Regents Review by Ms. Frank Bayer  

This guide will help you improve your score on the United States history examination.
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1. Books (Research Topic)

ELA Standards: Reading Informational Text

Key Ideas and Details

 Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text.


BOOKS are far superior to articles because they often have more images and text. Books should be the first stop in every research plan. 

All the BOOKS below contain fantastic graphics that capture  main themes in world history. Flushing High School Library has the books listed in the catalog.  Other BOOKS about global history review       can be found at the Queens Public Library.

Cover Art
The Key to Understanding U. S. History and Government - James Killoran; Stuart Zimmer; Mark Jarrett
ISBN: 188242249X
Publication Date: 2004-01-01

Cover Art
John Peter Zenger - Karen T. Westermann; Arthur M. Schlesinger (Editor)
Call Number: B Zen
ISBN: 079106123X
Publication Date: 2000-12-01
Part of a series about colonial leaders.

Cover Art
The American Scene - Grolier Educational Staff (Contribution by)
Call Number: 920.073 AME
ISBN: 0717295729
Publication Date: 2001-01-01
12 Volume Set about famous people in the United States. One page summary with photograph and fun fact for each person.

Cover Art
A Primary Source History of the Colony of New York - Paul Kupperberg
Call Number: 974.7 KUP
ISBN: 1404204318
Publication Date: 2006-07-15
Includes primary source documents and transcriptions for each of the 13 colonies. Time line and glossary in each volume.

Cover Art
The Great Fire - Jim Murphy
Call Number: 977.3
ISBN: 0590472674
Publication Date: 1995-04-01
The Great Fire of 1871 transformed Chicago into a wasteland overnight. Actual illustrations and maps, exciting narrative. Newbery Honor Book.

Cover Art
The Pullman Strike Of 1894 - Rosemary Laughlin
Call Number: 331.89 Lau
ISBN: 1931798893
Publication Date: 2006-04-01
Detailed description of Eugene Debs and the Pullman Strike, includes pictures and actual transcripts.

Cover Art
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire - Katie Marsico
Call Number: 974.7 MAR
ISBN: 0761440275
Publication Date: 2009-09-01
Perspectives on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the impact it has had on today's labor regulations. Includes original photographs and quotes.

Cover Art
The Great Depression - R. G. Grant
Call Number: 973.91 GRA
ISBN: 1590186060
Publication Date: 2005-10-03
Part of How Did It Happen series. Includes primary source material, photographs, glossary and time line.

Cover Art
Pass the U. S. Citizenship Exam - LearningExpress Staff (Compiled by)
Call Number: 323.6 PAS
ISBN: 1576855694
Publication Date: 2007-03-21
Has relevant information about basic United States history and government in a very simple format. Includes vocabulary and simple pictures.

Cover Art
Guantanamo Bay and Military Tribunals - Bill Scheppler
Call Number: 973.9 SCH
ISBN: 1404202781
Publication Date: 2004-10-01
Describes life in Guantanamo Bay, includes Supreme Court cases.

Cover Art
Watergate - Dale Anderson; Derek Shouba (Consultant Editor); Katie Van Sluys (Consultant Editor)
Call Number: 973.92 AND
ISBN: 075652010X
Publication Date: 2006-07-01
Part of Snapshots in History series, includes photographs, quotes and time line and glossary.

Cover Art
First Ladies - James Barber; Amy Pastan
Call Number: 9920 PAS
ISBN: 9780756649425
Publication Date: 2008-12-29
Colorful look at the First Ladies.


Books about Current Issues in U. S. History

Use these books to prepare for classroom debates.

Cover Art
Gun Control - Tamara L. Roleff (Editor)
Call Number: 344.73 GUN
ISBN: 0737736607
Publication Date: 2007-06-04
Part of Opposing Viewpoint series, articles cover all sides of an issue.

Cover Art
National Security - Helen Cothran (Editor)
Call Number: OPP 355 NAT
ISBN: 0737716967
Publication Date: 2004-01-01
How far can the government go in protecting our national security? Read both sides of the issue here.

Cover Art
America in the Twenty-First Century - Andrea C. Nakaya
Call Number: OPP 338.973 AME
ISBN: 0737729236
Publication Date: 2006-01-06
Essays about the American lifesyle, role of technology, foreign policy decisions and more.

2. Test Yourself Websites

ELA Standards: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

CSS-ELA9-10.8: Assess the extent to which the reasoning and evidence in a text support the author’s claim or a recommendation for solving a scientific or technical problem.


 Use these websites to see what you know and what you need to study.

3. Vocabulary Websites

Knowing the vocabulary is key to passing the regents. Use these lists to make your own flashcards.

MEMORY TIP; Use a different color for each topic.  Example: All of words associated with Isolationism should be in purple. The color purple would remind you of isolation and standing apart. The United States often decided to stay out of things and remain neutral.

4. Map Skills

Learn your geography!! Many questions on the regents test knowledge of world geography.

5. Political Cartoons

Many questions ask you to interpret a political cartoon. Learn how to interpret the cartoon and get more points on your regents.


6. Important Cases

Knowing important cases and the Constitution will help you answer about 10 questions on the regents.

Use these sites to help you review:

Supreme Court Landmark Cases: Follow the links to get primary source documents about the Supreme Court: 

Slide show about important cases by Ms. Iacopelli and Mr. Gross of Nansemond River High School.

Complete the review sheet after you watch the slide show.  Click on the link for the review sheet when you open Ms. Frank's page.

Great site from C-SPAN on Landmark Cases with video links:

7. Need Help With DBQs

Remember these  tips when answering a database question:

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2.  Look for the answer in the documents presented.
  3.  Include outside RELEVANT information in your answer.
  4. Proof read your essay at least TWICE before you hand it in.

See the complete list of DBQ Do's and Don'ts on the Oswego High School Online Writing Guide: DBQ Essays.


8. Review Sheets and Quizzes

History Teacher contains review quizzes.  Review Sheets Central is just review sheets. 

9. Videos, Review Songs and More Quizzes

11. Grolier Online Encyclopedia Database (NOVELNY)

  • Grolier Online Encyclopedia Database (NOVELNY)
    The Grolier Online Encyclopedia Database has articles listed in various Lexiles from 200 to 1000 plus. The Database requires a username and password for FHS Library and home access--which cannot be posted but provided to you by the Flushing High School Librarians.

12. EBSCO HOST Research Databases (NOVELNY)

  • Ebsco Host
    Includes ELL, Biography Reference Center, Searchasaurus and Primary Search.

13. Gale Cengage Learning Databases (NOVELNY)

  • Gale Cengage Learning Databases (NOVELNY)
    Gale Cengage Learning Databases are New York State funded databases available to public students in school and from home. The Database requires a password for home access--which cannot be posted but provided to you by the Flushing High School Librarians.

14. Search Our Catalog

Look for more resources in our library.

Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
Advanced Search

15. For Teachers

Flushing Campus Regents Portal

FLUSHING CAMPUS has created this great site which includes videos, shortcuts and more links for ALL the regents exam.

Think of this site as "One SIZE FITS ALL."  It may be all you need!!!

AP Exam Help

Use the following links to help you prepare for the AP Exam.

    Adam Norris' comprehensive review. Includes lectures for each chapter in the American Pageant History Textbook and a few other textbooks.
    Includes videos and questions for each section of the AP test. You have to register for the site but it's all free!!

15. What Do I Do?

You want to ACE the United States Exam. Here's your action plan:

  1. Find out when the exam is given. (Check the Regents Examination Schedule).
  2. Plan a goal for each day.
  3. Include a weekly pre- test. Use Test Yourself Websites to help you.
  4.  Review the vocabulary cards for the unit. Use Vocabulary Websites to help.
  5.  Find a review sheet for your area, highlight the important words on the review sheet.
  6.  Look for more questions dealing with the topic you are studying.  Take a practice quiz to see if you improved.
  7.  Review map skills or political cartoons.

WEEK 2: Review the steps above with a different topic.

16. Regents Examination Schedule

 Check the dates below.


Remember to bring a PHOTO ID, 2 pencils and 2 pens with you on exam days!!!

17. Multimedia Resources

Teachers:  We have the following DVDS to assist you with United States history regents preparation in the classroom.


The Presidents: Lives and Legacies of 43 Presidents, presented by the History Channel. 3 vol. set

DVD 1244


Harlem Renaissance: The Music and Rhythms that Started a Cultural Revolution 

75 m.

Kultur DVD 1359



Surviving the Dust Bowl, 55 m.

WGBH Boston Video DVD 1670


NBC News Presents: Deep Throat: The Full Story of Watergate, 90 m.

DVD 1362

FDR Years of Crisis

A & E Biography

50 m.  DVD 1669






    Bilingual Glossaries

    Use these glossaries to define words you don't understand on the regents exams.


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